Battlefield 1 Guide: Where To Get The Dark Souls Easter Egg

Since DICE held a CTE for Battlefield 1, players got a glimpse of the new features coming when They Shall Not Pass DLC goes live. In addition, they have discovered hidden Easter eggs that others may have not noticed scattered in Rupture map.

Dark Souls Easter Egg In Battlefield 1?

Okay, the reward along the Rupture map in They Shall Not Pass DLC is not really an egg but a sword. Players who are currently enjoying CTE in Battlefield 1 have found a Dark Soul-themed sword when they are trying out the map.

It is located on the out of bounds line near point C on Conquest. According to VG247, the sword is stuck on the land that players need to pull out to be able to use it during that level. However, the players can only use it one at a time that means not all of them can use it once.

The players need to make sure that they will grab the cavalry sword once the player holding it is shot. As per WWG, if they want to be the first one to hold the melee weapon, then they must look for it before engaging in any activities in Rupture.

DICE's Plans For Battlefield 1

If players are curious about the game, DICE will be holding a free trial of the game in the upcoming weekend. The trial will be available for players using PC and Xbox One. Battlefield 1's full game will be accessed by the XB1 users, according to Gameranx.

Other than the free trial, EA just explained that following They Shall Not Pass DLC, there are three new expansions coming for Battlefield 1. In The Name Of Tsar, Turning Tides and Apocalypse DLCs will be out before the year ends, as per Polygon. With all these information, it seems like Battlefield 1 players will be a bit busy this year. EA and DICE just made sure of that.

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