Apple iPhone 6 2017 Edition Is Heading To Europe For $520

Just last week, Taiwan Mobile launched the 32 GB variant of the Apple iPhone 6. Dubbed as the iPhone 6 2017, this new version was released by the carrier in a Gold model. Now, new reports reveal that in contrast to early rumors, the 32 GB iPhone 6 isn't only for the Asian markets. In fact, the iPhone 6 2017 is headed to Europe in the coming days.

32 GB Apple iPhone 6 (2017) Heading To Belarus

According to Phone Arena, the special edition iPhone is coming to Europe via the country of Belarus. However, unlike the model that reached Taiwan Mobile, Belarus will only get the Space Gray colored iPhone. It was said that the country's iPhone 6 2017 will be made available at the iStore in Minsk and will be priced at around $520.

Moreover, the said iPhone is expected to draw a considerable amount of attention considering its affordable price. Compared to the current iPhone 6S and the refurbished 16 GB iPhone 6 in Belarus, the iPhone 6 2017 is less pricey. Note that the iPhone 6S is currently priced at around $800 in the country while the refurbished iPhone 6 is priced at around $630 at 16 GB.

Apple iPhone 6 Special Edition 32 GB

When the iPhone 6 was initially released, it was only available in 16 GB, 64 GB, and 128 GB versions. There's no clarity as to why a 32 GB iPhone 6 variant has been released into the wild as late as three years after. Needless to say, the new iPhone 6 has been updated to fit into the 2017 era. Instead of the original unit's iOS 8 operating system, the iPhone 6 2017 comes with iOS 10 pre-installed.

As to where the phone is coming to next, it's still hard to tell as Apple isn't talking much about it. Nevertheless, tech experts believe that there is little chance that the iPhone 6 2017 32 GB is coming to the US, especially with the nearing arrival of Apple's 2017 iPhones. The company is expected to release three brand new iPhones this year including the special model that's currently referred to as the iPhone 8.

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