Accidental Torture Test Proves Apple iPhone 7 Plus' Strong Build

One of the most important traits a phone should have to be considered great is being well-made. This is why smartphone torture tests exist, it is to make sure that you are buying a product that's worthy of your money. One of the phone brands that regularly gets tested for durability is the iPhone 7 Plus, and apparently, Apple's latest flagship delivers amazing toughness.

Apple iPhone 7 Plus Survives The Cold Waters

The iPhone 7 Plus may be old news at four months old but this Apple flagship is now back in the headlines for all the good reasons. Apparently, someone has dropped his iPhone 7 into an ice fishing hole a few days ago and it took about 13 hours before it was recovered. Amazingly, the iPhone 7 Plus survived. As per an Apple Insider report, the incident was shared on Instagram and it practically showed how the iPhone 7 Plus was retrieved by a diver, and when it was recovered, it successfully turned on.

This is kind of impressive considering the fact that Apple isn't even self-assured enough to include water damage on its iPhone 7 Plus warranty despite its waterproof claims. Clearly, the iPhone has been made to be sealed and be waterproofed for it to survive more than just accidental splashes and quick submersions. But with Apple's warranty policies stating that liquid damage isn't covered, it's hard to assure that each iPhone 7 Plus can survive a similar encounter. Needless to say, this isn't the first torture test made for the said phone, and so far, most of it end up positive.

Apple iPhone 7 Plus Waterproof Feature

The iPhone 7 Plus is IP67 certified to be dust and water proof. This is actually the first time that Apple has released an iPhone with legit waterproof claims. The past iPhones weren't exactly easily destroyed by water but the company never called them waterproof by any means. With that said, it's safe to say that the iPhone 7 and the iPhone 7 Plus are both sturdy and properly sealed phones that can survive different water accidents.

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