Worst Defenders In NBA Includes All Stars

The Most Valuable Player race has been very tight for the past months. Nonetheless, fans are happy to see their favorite players give their best in every game, especially when they showcase their offensive and defensive skills. However, there is a list wherein NBA Players do not want to be included. The list is called "The Worst Defenders in the NBA".

There are certain factors to consider when it comes to naming the Worst Defenders in the league. The players will be judged based on their records in the game, and how they react when an opponent challenges their defensive skills. Fans might be shocked with the results, but numbers don’t lie. Plenty of All-Star players and MVP calibers made it to the list.

NBA All-Stars With Bad Defense

The first on the list is Cleveland Cavaliers' center, Channing Frye. The Arizona native is known as a three-point-shooter, but he is not as crisp when it comes to his defensive end. According to the numbers that were provided by NBA, Channing Frye is allowing his opponent to score on him 50% of the time. Second, "The Beard" and MVP candidate, James Harden. There’s nothing much to discuss here as multiple videos show how James Harden “defend” his opponent.

Although this player is making a career year, Isaiah Thomas is not exempted on the list. There could be a debate due to his physique, but then again, that should be Isaiah’s advantage. Also, Carmelo Anthony is named as the second worst defender at the small forward position. The discrepancy between his defensive ranking last year and this season is remarkable. However, Melo is losing hope already, especially playing for the New York Knicks.

Brandon Ingram’s Struggle Continues

Lastly, a couple of rookies made the list. Leading the rookie list is Los Angeles Lakers' Brandon Ingram. The college standout seems to struggle transitioning to the professional league. As the games continue, hopefully, Ingram will live up to the hype created when he became the number 2 overall pick in this year's draft.

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