Here's Why Chris Redfield Looks Different On Resident Evil 7

Capcom teased a brand new post-launch content arriving in Resident Evil 7 last month. The DLC was entitled "Not A Hero" which is reported to feature the classic character, Chris Redfield. However, fans noticed a different look of the character based on the leaked photo. Thankfully, Capcom finally speaks up.

According to VG247, Koushi Nakanishi, Resident Evil 7 director, stated that the team applies a more photo-realistic depiction, which makes Chris Redfield's look appears less bulky. Nakanishi also added that if they applied the old model of Redfield in the past Resident Evil games, players would find it a bit odd.

Nakanishi continues by saying Chris Redfield's model in Resident Evil 6 looked deformed in the current game. Due to the change of the character's appearance, as a result, players formulate a theory regarding Redfield's identity. They suspect that the character during this time is Hunk. As recalled, Hunk is a Special Agent from Umbrella who debuted in Resident Evil 2. He also had a cameo appearance in Resident Evil 3. Additionally, Hunk also appeared in or referenced with other games in the series.

Meanwhile, the full picture of Hunk's face was never shown, and there are no further details regarding his background. That means Mr. Death's identity remains a mystery as of now. On the other hand, there is also another reason why players of Resident Evil 7 pointed out that Chris Redfield was Hunk. However, it is still confidential at the moment.

Though Capcom already confirmed regarding the new look of Chris Redfield in the upcoming DLC, fans remain doubtful about the possible twist that the character brings. Overall, these doubts will be answered soon when Resident Evil 7 Not A Hero DLC releases this spring. Players should not worry about the cost since it will arrive as a free expansion pack.

Resident Evil 7 is now available on PC, PS4 and Xbox One.


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