Pokemon GO Update: How Niantic Could Possibly Change The Current Gym System

Previously, Niantic CEO John Hanke revealed that Pokémon GO would be receiving three major updates throughout the year. As a result, fans are excited to know what's coming to the game. Some of them suspected that it would come with Trading, PvP Trainer's Battle and Legendary Pokémon.

Following the reveal, Hanke admits that the current Gym System of Pokémon GO lacks on many things. He also added that the team is planning on re-working the system by adding several elements to make it more exciting.

According to Otakukart, Hanke said that the current gym system failed to deliver what was intended. He believes that they should include the social aspect of the game making it more natural as possible. As a result, it will allow trainers to meet other trainers in the game, which is similar to the original Pokémon series.

Based on the report, Pokémon GO fans might be able to see a more coop based type of gameplay such as tag team battle system. Meanwhile, there were lots of suggestions that surfaced online regarding Niantic's plan to release specific type of gyms.

As recalled, past Pokémon games feature specific gym types such as Brock's Gym, which gives players a hard time if they chose a fire type starter Pokémon. Adding these type of gyms might not be a bad idea in Pokémon GO.

This idea might spice things up with the gym system. For instance, whenever a particular group of trainers of the same team wants to battle a gym, there is a flare-like thing popping up on the screen. It will allow other trainers to join the battle.

On the other hand, when defending, allies within the vicinity will receive a notification telling that a friendly gym is under attack. By this notion, it will encourage players to meet new people along the way. This idea is highly likely since the game announcement trailer shows a glimpse of possibility.

Meanwhile, further details regarding this update are expected to arrive soon. As of now, fans are suggested to wait for Niantic's official announcement.


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