Pokemon GO Update, Rumor: St. Patrick Day Event To Feature Smeargle Release? Details Here

St. Patrick's Day Event in Pokemon GO has been rumored since last week. Currently, it has been reported that the said event might arrive this coming Friday. However, the real question is should Niantic consider hosting this one or just pass it out?

According to Heavy, Pokemon GO is actively doing special events every major holiday for the past five months. It has all started back in November last year where they successfully hosted the Halloween Event. Fans have also seen Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year's Day and the most recent Valentine's Day Event.

As recalled, Niantic usually announces the details of an upcoming event days before it officially goes live. That means if St. Patrick's Day Event is arriving, players should probably know about it already. However, Niantic still has time to announce the said event, which means more time for players to wait for further announcement.

On the other hand, the painter Pokémon Smeargle is surprisingly being linked to the rumored St. Patrick's Day Event. Otakukart mentions that Smeargle likes to paint. In fact, its tail oozes with paint. Though the paint in its tail varies for each Smeargle, however, the most iconic one comes with color green.

It is known that the St. Patrick's Day is the day where all the things around are green to honor St. Patrick and his diligence. For Pokémon GO, it might remain unclear, but the possibility is still there. According to the previous reports, the rumored St. Patrick's Day Event will increase the spawn of green Pokémon.

Apparently, back in the time of St. Patrick, paintings and profits were common. Where Smeargle's appearance, being a Pokémon painter is a perfect fit. If fans failed to see Smeargle on this rumored event, the only other time they can see the Pokémon again is on the upcoming Easter season. However, if there is no Smeargle on that day again, Niantic might be holding off its debut to something special in the future.


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