Is An Evil Within Sequel Already In Development? Leaked Job Postings Say So

Shinji Mikami's horror-survival game The Evil Within was released back in 2014, where it gathered mostly positive reviews by various gaming sites. The game is a mixture of survival and psychological horror in a most creative way. Apparently, it seems like the successful first installment of the franchise might lead to a possible sequel if the current job postings are accurate.

According to Attack of the Fanboy, the sequel to The Evil Within has not been announced and there are no further details regarding the development of the game yet. However, recent job postings might have provided some initial hint that fans wanted to see right now.

NeoGAf user named Dusk Golem spotted the Japanese job postings, which was later on translated and discovered a title of Psycho Break 2. Based on the report, Psycho Break was the alternate Japanese name for The Evil Within. Because of this discovery, it made things interesting for the fans of the game that expects a follow-up title.

Meanwhile, the positions are dedicated to both bug testing and translating jobs. It may hint that The Evil Within 2 is pretty far along in progress. Potentially, Bethesda Softworks might reveal the game this upcoming E3 2017, which would take place in Los Angeles this June. The company is known for hosting their E3 Showcase to introduce their games. Apparently, The Evil Within has a prominent share of highlights during their first show in 2015.

As of now, fans are highly recommended to wait for Bethesda's official announcement regarding the current status of the game. The report is more likely to arrive in the following months. In addition, the biggest reveal will happen in this year's E3, though the showcase still remains anonymous as of now. However, there is still a chance that The Evil Within 2 is at least part of the show, if not the highlight of the event.

The Evil Within 2 remains unconfirmed by developer Tango Gameworks or publisher Bethesda Softworks.


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