New Counter Strike: Global Offensive Map Revealed; Weapon Skin Added

Counter Strike: Global Offensive is arguably one of the most-played games on Steam as it offers both casual and competitive gameplay. Additionally, it is widely known around the world for its various professional Esports tournament over these years. Currently, it seems like the game has been adding new contents, which feature a new map and several weapon skins.

According to VG247, the new map is called Canals. It is set in a real-world location with each region having its style and gameplay. As seen on the still images, the CT spawn is an open area while the T-spawn is a crescent of smaller spaces with numerous paths connecting to each bombsite.

The report says that each bombsites will require players to have a variety of strategies and weapon choices. Meanwhile, those who choose to use the Canal which flows below the bombsite B will have an ability to stealth their way to site A and CT Spawn.

Though the map is based on the real-world location, the visuals are graphics are clean which are intended for good player visibility. Also, there are lots of environmental models that are constructed in a flexible manner for community mapmakers to re-use and modify easily. Additionally, the game's official blog site states that they are looking forward to the community responses on this newly released map. Through this feedback, it will help them to make future adjustments and upgrades.

Aside from the new Canals map, a Spectrum Case is also expected to arrive. It consists of 17 weapon skins, which were designed by the community, including a rare, unique item. This item is none other than the second generation of knives in Chroma finishes.

Lastly, players could expect to see a visual update to the player model of Phoenix Terrorist. These upgrade focuses on preserving the character's legibility and refining its visual fidelity.

Counter Strike: Global Offensive is available for purchase on Steam for $15.


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