iPad Pro 2 Might Have iOS 11: Here Are All The Rumors About Apple's Operating System

The iPad Pro 2 might run on iOS 11. Apple's latest version of its operating system is highly anticipated to arrive at the WWDC in June. The arrival is set to bring a number of new features. While there is hardly any confirmation from the company itself, here are the rumors associated with it.

Dynamic Keyboard

The iOS 11 is expected to come with a Dynamic Keyboard, which will help people type more fluently on their devices. It will detect the patterns and the alignment of the finger movement. The keyboard, divided into two halves, will adjust the halves for the perfect alignment of each hand.

Siri Upgrade

Siri will sound more humane on devices like the iPad Pro 2 that run on the iOS 11. This means Siri will be able to be more specific while searching for a particular keyword. Apple has apparently been working on the Siri upgrade that will make it sound more natural. The company wants to compete with Microsoft, Amazon and Google that rule the virtual assistant market at the moment.

Incompatible Apps

According to rumors, around 187,000 apps will be incompatible to work on the iOS 11. In February, iOS developers found out a warning that said the apps, not designed to work on the 64-bit processors on Apple devices like the iPhone, would not work with "future versions of iOS." Now, developers assume that Apple might drop support for the apps that run on 32-bit processors in the iOS 11, Sensor Tower reported.

Apple Social Network

Rumors claim that Apple has been working on a video-sharing social media application, which will allow users record/edit videos instantly and post it online. The idea is to promote video memories, not just photo memories. The app is believed to be pre-installed on the iPad Pro 2 and other Apple devices running on the iOS 11.

Release Date

There is no official statement from Apple about the release date for the iOS 11. The Daily Star reported that the company would be expected to launch it on the opening day of the WWDC 2017, which would run from June 5 to 9.

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