Apple To Redesign iPad Pro 2 After Netizens Slam Minor Upgrades?

Apple might go for redesigning the iPad Pro 2, as its latest update has apparently infuriated netizens. The 9.7-inch device has recently been upgraded by the tech giant. However, many people are not at all happy with it, since there are only minor upgrades to it.

There have been rumors for the past few months that Apple is going to release three separate models for the iPad Pro 2. The three models were believed to be the 9.7-inch, the 10.5-inch and the 12.9-inch ones. According to Macworld, the iPad Pro does need a refresh. It is still unclear why the iPad Pro is called a "Pro" anyway.

The12.9-inch Pro does not have many features that the 9.7-inch Pro does, such as True Tone display, broader LTE support, wide color gamut and better cameras. That should not be the case. Apple tends to offer more for the higher versions, but still keeps the lower models good enough.

Apple should think of releasing the iOS 11, as the iOS 10 does not have a lot to offer for the iPad. The tech giant might announce updates about its tablet in the next few weeks. However, people have to wait until summer to get a bigger picture, as the iOS 11 should debut at the WWDC.

According to rumors, Apple is expected to announce its new products around March 20. A few analysts in Japan are expecting the 9.7-inch iPad Pro to be announced next week. Their prediction is based on supply chain data.

Many users in different forums have apparently called it "non-sense" to have minor upgrades to the iPad Pro 2, the University Herald reported. Even though there are rumors about Apple going for redesigning, there is no official confirmation from the company itself. Therefore, it will be far-fetched to expect a new design for the device, if any, anytime soon.

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