Nintendo Switch Only Allows A Certain Amount Of Screenshots Despite Its Memory

The Nintendo Switch can only store up to a limited amount of screenshots regardless of its memory. However, this number of allowed screenshots depends on whether players use an SD card or not.

Total Limit Of Screenshots On The Nintendo Switch

Despite its meager storage, Nintendo's hybrid console can still save a good amount of screenshots since they do not take up a lot of space on the system. Seeing how each picture is only around 100k, there is plenty of room for fans to snap their favorite moments in the game. Strangely enough, Nintendo has decided to implement a feature from letting players maximize the number of in-game images they can take.

In line with this, WWG reports that a warning will pop up if fans take more than 1,000 screenshots. Keep note that this limit is only for players who use the system's internal memory. With an SD card, on the other hand, players can take only up 10,000 photos. With this in mind, the Switch will ignore the overall size of the card, be that an additional 32 or 128 gig of space.

While the company usually has a good reason for setting certain limitations on their games or systems, they have yet to explain why they did this specific one. Even so, it is quite strange why the hybrid would ignore an SD card's storage space. For now, fans will just have to wait for further updates from Nintendo.

How To Save And Share Images

That aside, Gameranx shares how players can take screenshots and the things they can do with it. The unit has a square button of the left Joy-Con that can save pictures, be that from games or the system's menus. From there, players can view the image on the album in the home menu.

Fans have the choice of adding unique text on the photo and even sharing them on social media. However, they will have to link their accounts first and the system must be updated to the latest system software. The Nintendo Switch offers an easy way for players to save those special gaming memories and sharing them with friends online.

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