Nintendo Switch Does Not Suffer Problems From Certain Decals Despite Ongoing Issue

The Nintendo Switch seems to have had many issues since its initial launch as players have been complaining about things like the dock and adhesives on the unit. However, there seems to be a decal that does not affect the hybrid console.

The Nintendo Switch Decal Problem

According to iDigitalTimes, there have been problems with using any type of skins, stickers or any type of adhesives on Nintendo's latest console. In line with this, Toronto-based company dbrand has tried testing different types of skin for the Joycons. While the initial experiment was a success, they discovered a major problem with the adhesives after peeling it off: the coatings on the controller do not match well with any kind of adhesive.

Similarly, they also tried to test the console itself and came up with the same results. The logo on the back showed signs of tampering with some of the details already faded. With this in mind, the company advised players not to use any kind of stickers on their unit.

Customization is usually a key factor when it comes to consoles, especially handhelds, as some players love including their personal touches on their unit. Although Nintendo is known for releasing a lot of peripherals for their consoles, some players still prefer their custom designs.

Turn The Joycon Grip Into A Puppy

Luckily enough, Stami Studios has launched a Kickstarter for "Switch Pup Face Stickers" that is applied to the Joycon grip. The hybrid console's special grip had gotten a lot of attention for having an appearance similar to that of a puppy. The studio had initially released a standard puppy mouth decal, which made the controller grip look more like a cute animal.

Now, they are expanding the sticker sheet with even more mouths to choose from with some ranging from chibi vampire fans to another puppy mouth spouting a rainbow waterfall. Stami Studios had also posted a picture showing that the decal does not ruin or tamper the grip in any way. They claimed that other companies use stronger adhesives, which cause the sticker issue.

Those who have attached a decal on their Joycons should possibly refrain from removing it for now. On the other hand, those who would like to purchase the puppy mouth decal for their Nintendo Switch grip can support the Kickstarter campaign.

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