Paladins OB46 Datamining Reveals New Fairy Prototype; Oracle Update, Skins And More

Paladins Open Beta 46 has been officially uploaded to the Public Test Server. As a result, datamined information became available. Similar to the previous patches of the game, new data via datamining arrived automatically after the patch was uploaded in the PTS. With Lex being introduced, it seems like players will be expecting two additional new champions that will be coming soon.

According to Smite Datamining website, there are two new champion prototypes found in the OB46 patch. They come with the name of Flak and Seris. However, it is noted that these names are still unconfirmed and subject to change similar to the previous Lawman prototype.

Apparently, Seris or the Oracle prototype has been previously leaked in the previous patches. The champion is classified as a Support and probably uses Soul Orb as a primary weapon. As of the moment, the details regarding Seris' abilities are still unclear, but they are identified as Restore Soul, Shadow Travel, Rend Soul and Dark Convergence. Additionally, both of its Loadout and Legendary Cards have been revealed. Judging by these details, it seems like Seris is far more ready to be launched soon.

On the other hand, the other champion prototype seen in the new game code comes with the name of Flak. Its abilities have been revealed. However, there are no specific details regarding what it could bring.

Aside from the two champion prototypes, the previously leaked cosmetics are still present in the game code. With the Mecha Fernando already been introduced, the remaining cosmetics on the list are Space Hunter Kinessa, Victorian Mal'Damba, Volcanic Makoa and Burrito Sha Lin.

Space Hunter Kinessa hinted to be a collection, which probably comes with a quest or somehow related to it. On the other hand, Sha Lin Horse Test and Sprint Test Horse Mount also appears under the Burrito Sha Lin. It might suggest that it is somehow connected to the cosmetic and probably a collection too.

Paladins Open Beta 46 will possibly arrive on live servers around this week. This features FN-01 Fernando Skin and the new Flank Champion Lex, The Hand of Justice.


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