Paladins OB46 Patch Welcomes Lex To The Realm; New Fernando Skin And More

Several weeks have passed after Paladins fans witnessed the arrival of the first Frontline champion Inara to the game. Apparently, it seems like fans will be given yet another champion as Open Beta 46 will feature Lex, the brand new character arriving at the realm. Lex is classified as a Flank champion. He will join his fellow Flank mates Androxus, Buck, Evie, Maeve and Skye soon.

As previously reported, Lex was leaked long before similar to Inara. He comes with the identity of a Lawman prototype, which has dual-pistols as a primary weapon. Now with Hi-Rez formally introduced as the newest character, it is expected to cause several changes to the current meta.

Based on the official Paladins OB46 patch notes posted in the game's subreddit, Lex's first ability is called the Retribution (Q). It marks a random target indefinitely and grants extra credit when the target is on a kill streak. Enemies who killed Lex will automatically become the new target. His next ability is a movement ability called Combat Slide (F). It allows Lex to dash forward to the direction where players are facing.

Lex's Ultimate ability (E) is called TheLaw that enables him to release an eternal judgment, which instantly kills the target below the threshold health. Meanwhile, target above the threshold will receive 600 damage and slowed down for one second. Additionally, his (RMB) is called In Pursuit, which rapidly fire his Magnums that hits the nearest target dealing 1050 damage over 1.5 seconds of activation.

Aside from Lex's abilities, his three Legendary Cards were also revealed. Heroism grants 25 percent attack speed for two seconds when activating Combat Slide. Death Hastens gives 40 percent additional damage to targets whose health is over 65 percent. Lastly, Discovery will reveal the target to the other members of the team.

On the other hand, the Tanky Spanish guy Fernando will be receiving a new Epic Skin collection called FN-01 Helios. It will arrive via a new chest called Helios Force, which contains Fernando's FN-01 Helios, Triggerman Buck, Nigh Bane Cassie and the Legendary Skin Collection, the Starslayer Ruckus.

Lastly, previously owned cards can be disenchanted for Essence when the patch arrives. It would remove the card from the players' collection and will deactivate any Loadout if that particular card was included.


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