NBA Legend Shaquille O'Neal Also Believes That Earth Is Flat

The flat Earth theory has been doing rounds lately and has caught up with some of the most prominent figures in sports history. The theory started out in ancient times where society doesn't have the technological advancements. Ancient societies were only left to make such a theory based only on their sense of sight and imagination.

Kyrie Irving On The Earth Being Flat

According to Yahoo Sports, the flat Earth theory apparently isn't dead in today's society. Although some people are secretly hiding their beliefs about this, there are some who are more vocal about it. Take for example the case of the Cleveland Cavaliers' guard Kyrie Irving.

For quite some time, the Cleveland superstar has been making the headlines for his high caliber performance during last year's NBA Championship game against the Warriors and for his performance this season. However, he now draws flak from the Science community and from the public over his podcast statement that the Earth is flat.

Although this may be one of the unpopular opinions around, fellow NBA players came to the defense of the superstar like Lebron James and Draymond Green. However, an NBA Legend joins the fray as he declares his support for the flat Earth theory.

NBA Legend Shaquille O'Neil Believes In The Flat Earth Theory As Well

In a podcast, the four-time NBA Champion, Shaquille O'Neil, was asked about Irving's flat Earth theory. Uproxx notes that he goes on to say that it's true that the Earth is flat and that there are three ways to manipulate the mind -what people see, hear and read. The first lessons children are taught in school is that Columbus discovered America, but upon reaching it, there were already people with long hair that are smoking peace pipes, which implies that Columbus did not discover America. Additionally, he goes on to say that he drives from coast to coast, from Florida to California and that it's flat to him in the sense that he doesn't go up or down at a 360˚ angle. He also goes on to question if China is really underneath the US, and answers later on that it's not and further reiterates his point that the Earth is indeed flat.

This opinion comes from a successful business man who has a couple of movies under his belt, several rap albums, a couple of reality shows and a doctorate to boast. This just goes on to show that although this theory might be unpopular, it could still become rational and true, even to the most experienced and educated of men.

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