Trump Takes On Snoop Dogg On Twitter

Snoop Dogg is a famous veteran rapper who is known for keeping it real. This ideology has often led him into trouble with various parties and rappers alike. In line with this, the well-known rapper is recently having conflicts with US President Donald Trump.

How The Trouble Started

According to CNET, last Tuesday, a music video by the Canadian group, BADBADNOTGOOD, entitled Lavender was released to the public. The music video features the iconic rapper Snoop Dogg in a society where everyone is a clown, even the president who looks a lot like Donald Trump. However, as the music video progresses, a clown cop shoots down another clown in his car, which in real life, depicts the situation of cops killing African-Americans. Furthermore, in the latter part of the music video, Snoop Dogg is holding a toy gun, which he aimed at the clown president's head. Upon shooting the clown president, a flag with a word "Bang" came out.

People had split opinions about the music video. Although most are considering this more as a satire music video, others voiced out their concerns. The president, himself, has also reacted over this issue.

Donald Trumps' Reaction

Like clockwork, the US President has managed to squeeze some time out of his busy schedule to address this concern. According to Starts at 60, Donald Trump expressed his anger on Twitter. Trump asks what the outcry would be if instead of him, Snoop shot President Obama instead? Trump ended his tweet with the words "Jail Time".

Michael Cohen, Trump's Lawyer, supported his client by going to TMZ. He stated that Snoop Dogg owes Donald Trump an apology. He goes on to say that there is nothing funny about an attempt on the US President's life and that he is really shocked at Snoop because he thought that the rapper was better than that.

Furthermore, Sen. Marco Rubio said to TMZ that Snoop Dogg shouldn't have done that because America has suffered assassinations before. So anything relative to that matter is something that people should be careful about. If the wrong person sees the video and gets the wrong idea, then there will be a huge problem.

However, there are some people who support Snoop Dogg. Fellow rapper Ice-T was asked by TMZ, what would he feel if the clown was President Obama instead of Donald Trump? He replied that it would be terrible, but Obama is a very different person than Trump. Plus it's very hard to joke about Obama because of his race. Ice-T goes on to say that the jokes that befall Trump are brought on by himself.

As of the moment, Snoop Dogg has not given any response yet regarding the US President's tweet.

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