Microsoft Makes Mac-To-Surface Transfer Easy, Leaves Nothing To Chance

Even for larger tech companies, competition is often times difficult to overcome, especially when individuals have become loyal to the brands they use. However, there are certain times when a consumer is willing to jump ship but is turned off by the difficulty that transferring a significant amount of data presents. This is why Microsoft is releasing a Mac-to-Surface tool that is hassle free and easy to use.

As noted by Digital Trends, the Mac to Surface Assistant is aimed for those who want to purchase one of Microsoft's Surface products and want a simple way to migrate their data. It is freely available and can transfer everything from pictures to applications and locally stored files that are synced with Creative Cloud, Google Drive, and even Dropbox.

The publication explained that the Mac to Surface Assistant is Microsoft's latest endeavor to lure consumers away from Apple. The tool is available for and compatible with any of the company's Surface Products, including the Surface Studio all-in-one PC, the various Surface Pro generations and the Surface Book models.

In addition to this, the Redmond-based tech giant has claimed that the Microsoft Surface products work well with Apple's devices and services. Its website answers various questions in regards to how individuals can sync their iPhones to Surface devices. It also discusses where to find migrated applications, how to use keyboard shortcuts and where to find system settings.

As The Verge pointed out, the Mac to Surface Assistant is not necessarily a groundbreaking stuff, which is likely why Microsoft made no intention to make a grand announcement. Most individuals who are used to transferring their data between devices will know exactly how to. This is especially true for those who use cloud services such as iCloud or OneDrive. Nevertheless, the tool is very welcome and will surely ease in MacOS or iOS users to Windows.

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