Motorcycles For Beginners That Would Get People Out On The Road

Motorcycles could be a good way to go around, especially in congested cities. People though are reluctant to get one mainly due to safety concerns. There are motorcycles for beginners that would be perfect to get people going.

As Spring comes up, there would be more people who would take advantage of being on the road while the temperatures are still not that hot. One of the best ways to keep cool is to hop on a motorcycle and enjoy a trip. There are different types of motorcycles for different people, so it would depend on which type would be suitable based on one's preference.

For those who are into cruisers, the most noteworthy would be the Harley-Davidson Street series, particularly the Harley-Davidson Street 500. Harleys aren't known to have smaller bikes that would be suitable for beginners, though, making people to look elsewhere for a more suitable beginner cruiser for them.

That all changes with the Harley Street 500. It is a change in Harley's strategy to bring the brand much closer to many people. It is a very basic cruiser that has the barest of instrumentation, though. The only instrument is a speedometer together with some indicator lights, according to Best Beginner Motorcycles. It doesn't even have the signature Harley sound.

The Harley-Davidson Street 500 is also affordable at only $6,849. Owners can also modify it, as there is much room to modify it with aftermarket parts. It also has a low seat height which would not intimidate riders.

For those who are more into the sports bike category, then there is the Honda CBR500R. It is a full sized sports bike that is also easy enough for the beginner. It has low handlebars that are just right, per  Digital Trends. At $6,599 it is just almost the same price as that of the Harley Street 500.

There is also the Kawasaki VERSYS-X 300 ABS, a new bike on the market. It is agile and has a light weight which would be manageable for most beginners. Engine displacement is at 296cc, making it just right for beginners. At a price that is less than $6,000, it should be a bike that beginners might consider.

Beginners shouldn't be intimidated by a bike. There are bikes that would be ideal for anyone considering to get one. There are motorcycles for beginners that would get people going. For people considering something bigger, the Mazda CX-5 is worth looking into.

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