‘This Is Us' Update: Jack's Death Explained, Cast Reacts On Fans Theories

By Dez Bryant , Mar 21, 2017 05:20 AM EDT

The series “This Is Us” broke a lot of hearts especially their last episode. Fans thought that they were robbed with regards to Jack’s death and to this day, fans want to know what had happened to Jack Pearson.

‘This Is Us’ Finale Recap

After the show ended, there were numerous theories that were created by the fans about Jack’s death. All of those allegations has some evidence to back it up. The very first theory that was created was Jack Pearson was murdered. In any TV series, murder is the main cause why the main character dies. This allegation seems to be accepted by some especially when Miguel and Rebecca formed a new relationship.

Multiple Theories On Jack’s Death Presented

For those who are not familiar, Miguel is Jack Pearson’s best friend. Jack’s daughter Kate is also in the mix. During the last episode, Kate has stated that the reason why her father died is because of her. Now, this should not be taken literally but with Kate’s actions prior to her father’s death, Kate is easily one of the suspects. Also, another theory was presented on their official page where it states that somebody could have poisoned Jack Pearson. However, right now, there is no concrete evidence to support this theory.

Lastly, Jack’s death might be caused by an accident. Remember when Kate stated that flying is not for her and the way Kevin reacted during his father’s death? Apparently, Kevin knows something about Jack’s death. Kevin loves his model airplanes more than anything else. When Jack died, Kevin threw them all away. Is Kevin hinting the fans that his father died due to an airplane accident? Of all the theories that were presented to the cast, this angle was not yet debunked.

Hopefully after six months, the creative team and producer of “This Is Us” will show its fans how Jack died. For now, the only thing that the fans needed to do is to wait as every theory right now is just a mere speculation.

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