‘Stranger Things' Season 2 Update: Eleven Is Still Alive But She Is In Deep Trouble

“Stranger Things” Season 2 recently released their first trailer, leaving fans with numerous unanswered questions. Avid viewers of the show are now wondering about Eleven's fate and how her comeback will be in the upcoming installment.

Eleven Is Alive

Approximately 8 more months and all those questions will be answered. However, legions of fans and other members of the show provided some lengthy input on what happened to Eleven. For those who weren’t able to follow the show have still time to check the previous episodes. When Eleven and his friends fought the monster, everybody thought that they won’t survive it but Eleven showed that she is more powerful than ever.

The problem is, when Eleven “killed” the monster, he took Eleven with him. Theories suggest that Eleven was actually taken into another dimension or possibly traveled to Upside Down. This was also acknowledged by one of the creative team. According to a recent report, Eleven haven’t fully mastered yet her powers. The reason why Dr. Martin Brenner is very much interested with Eleven because the opportunistic Doctor knows the full potential of Eleven.

Eleven’s Power

Fans should not be disappointed with Eleven’s disappearance. Basing on the trailer and the info provided by “Stranger Things”, Eleven is alive. Right now, Eleven’s psychokinetic gifts will be put to the test as she will try to face new things in the other dimension. Due to her limitless power, there’s also a possibility that Eleven might hurt herself. Millie Bobby Brown who plays the character was also asked why Will is missing out of action.

Brown didn’t answer the question directly but Brown did mention that fans should be observant with the videos that are being released by “Stranger Things”. Currently, there are only two videos that are released for Season 2. The first video is very powerful as it shows Will not with his friends while they were riding a bike. The second trailer shows the title of the episodes but as for the producers, some of the titles are just fillers.

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