Formlabs Disrupting 3D Printing But Will Continue Supporting Printer With Consumables

Formlabs, a Massachusetts-based company founded in 2011, is saying goodbye to the 3D Printing but promised to continue supporting the printer with consumables. This commodity that is intended to be used includes the build platforms and resin tanks “for as long as we reasonably can”. Formlabs will also honor all existing warranties as well as offer replacement parts and replacement system units.

The bittersweet farewell to the 3D Printing comes with a celebration of introducing Form 2 in the market. As of today, Formlabs’ attention is focused on a more professional-grade Form 2 printer next to Form 1+. According to TechCrunch, Form 2 is another type of beast altogether, and even it’s more expensive, it is also proposed at a more high-end set of users.

Why Upgrade to Form 2 when you have Form 1 or Form1+?

In this modern world, there is always an innovation that makes human's life better. Form 1 has been plagued with reliability issues that the customers are struggling with. Looking for a professional-quality printer, Formlabs devices are on the line and those are reliable as well.

Form 2 is Formlabs’ 3rd generation printer sporting a whole range of new features. It is equipped with a new peeling mechanism, a touchscreen display, a heated tank, wireless controls and an automated resin system. The resulting prints that come off of Form 2 have consistently been among the highest quality objects to come off of any desktop 3D printer. Compared to Form 1, as described by KickStarter, Form 2 has a number of resin options that Form 1 did not support. If you are looking for the most mature, reliable desktop stereolithography 3D printer, then the Form 2 is perfect for you. You get a discounted Form 2 bundle if you own Form 1+ and would like to upgrade to a Form 2.

Form 2 has Stereolithography (SLA) Sliding Peel Process with wiper Automated. It has a build volume of 145 x 145 x 175-millimeter allowing users print parts up to 5.7 x 5.7 x 6.9 inches with no sacrifices in print fidelity. It is much better compared to another printer since it can print in a really large volume.


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