Lebron James Gives Stern Warning To LaVar Ball

Family means everything to most fathers. So when one person crosses the line, fathers do everything and anything to protect their family.

LaVar Ball And His Comments


According to ESPN, LaVar Ball has been, for the most part, speaking out for his sons and talking about himself. First, he mentioned that he would beat NBA Legend Michael Jordan aka His Greatness and The Goat in a one on one. Then now, his most recent comments included Lebron James' kids into the fray.

In a podcast by Chris Broussard, LaVar Ball says that his kids are more set up for success in basketball than James' sons because the Cleveland star's pedigree will be too much to live up to by his sons. LaVar goes on to say that monsters in the NBA had fathers who weren't that good. They were OK players. LaVar further strengthens his comment with the fact that Steph Curry's Father, Dell Curry wasn't an All-Star, but could shoot, though. And that Kobe Bryant's father wasn't all that good, and this is why he's a monster.

Furthermore, LaVar goes on to say that it's going to be hard for James' kids because people would expect them to be just like their father. And after some time, this pressure would affect them, to the point that they would ask themselves why would they need to be just like their father and why couldn't they just be themselves. LaVar then goes to say that if James' kids fail, people would say that they're soft and that they're not good, and it's all because the expectation is really high.

Lebron James' Response To LaVar Ball

After hearing LaVar Ball's comments, Lebron James' paternal instincts kicks in. Uproxx notes the comments James said about the matter. After the Cavaliers' practice session at UCLA, James was interviewed by ESPN about LaVar's comment on his kids. James goes on to say that LaVar needs to stop involving his kids and family in comments and such. Furthermore, James goes on to say that this is dad to dad and that it's a problem now. LaVar can talk about his sons, brand, basketball and James, but he needs to keep James' family out of it.

However, when asked about LaVar's eldest son Lonzo Ball, James had nothing bad to say. He goes on to comment that he likes Lonzo's game. This proves that James isn't someone who is spiteful and shows that he can be firm in some aspects but respectful towards others.

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