Nintendo Switch: Things To Consider Before Buying The Romantic Console

Gaming consoles do not tend to come cheap, which is why players need to consider several things before making a purchase. And while the Nintendo Switch is priced less than its same-generation competitors, there is still plenty to think about. Especially now that there is more information about the unit, interested buyers need to be educated consumers.

As Forbes has reported, the great thing about the Nintendo Switch is that it most often works in various modes that it can be played on. While the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One are content in being box consoles, the Switch is a hybrid unit that has more chances to fail. But as the publication confirms, it does not often take these chances. The transitions between each phase are flawless and the images transfer almost instantly.

But while it often works, there are still instances when the hardware has slight malfunctions. Reports and complaints often focus on a syncing problem with the Joy-Con controllers, but it does not look it affects all consoles. As IGN has noted, Nintendo confirmed that it is doing everything it can to remedy the few cases. Furthermore, there is also limited memory space and the dock that it comes with is relatively flimsy.

The publication also made a note about how the accessories are slightly costly. The Nintendo Switch itself will cost about US$300, but an extra Joy-Con controller will set users back by another US$80. The pro controller that is more comfortable than the Joy-Con grip is another US$80. As such, users will actually have to spend more than what they would for the PS4 or Xbox to get the full and premium experience.

Overall, the Nintendo Switch is a great device, although it definitely comes at a price. Loyalists will love the Switch and casual gamers are sure to have fun with it as well.

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