Michael Schumacher's News: Son To Race In F1; #KeepFighting Removed by Mercedes GP

By Rodney Rafols , Mar 23, 2017 06:16 AM EDT

Michael Schumacher is still struggling to recover from a skiing accident last 2013. While the struggle continues, there is hope as his son Mick follows into his father's footsteps. Mick Schumacher is ready to join F1 as he gets his driving license this year.

Mick is already competing as a driver in the Formula Four circuit. This 2017 his next target is to move up to F3 racing. That would be another step towards his ultimate goal, which is to be an F1 driver much like his father was.

Mick has already declared his intentions to be an F1 driver. He has said that he hopes to be an F1 champion, which is the goal of many in motorsports. That would come a step closer as he moves up to F3 racing, which he admits would be more challenging and more difficult.

Michael Schumacher's son has turned 18 years old last March 22 and would be eligible to drive formally on the street with a driver's license, according to Auto World News. As of now, his career as a race car driver has not been in full capacity yet since he doesn't have a driver's license. That would change as soon as he gets an official driver's license.

Even in Formula Four, he has already been making a name for himself. In his career as a driver for Formula Four, he has used the surname of his mother, per wheels 24. However, for Formula Three, he would be using his father's surname.

While Mick is eager to join Formula One racing, he has not set any deadline on when he would join it. He has only commented that he will step in once he is ready for it. He said that he will only do it in a way that is right, which would likely mean going through the stages of racing.

Mercedes GP has also reportedly taken the #KeepFighting slogan for Michael Schumacher. The slogan has been removed from its F1 challenger, the W08. However, Mercedes GP has said that the slogan has been removed in order to have it available for future use. Mercedes GP wants to have the slogan used more openly and not be limited in any way.

Mick Schumacher is slowly moving to follow his father's footsteps. Even as Michael Schumacher continues to struggle in his condition, his son is already building on his father's legacy. Mick Schumacher is ready to join F1 has he gets his driver's license. The Mazda MX-5 Miata RF might be small, but it is fast, as reported earlier.

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