Facebook Live Introduces New Streaming Options For PC Games

By Monica U Santos , Mar 23, 2017 06:58 AM EDT

Facebook, specifically its Live feature is making a big jump from smartphones to computers. Today, Facebook announced that the social network is finally opening up another service which can allow users to live stream their desktop and laptop. Not like the first Facebook Live announcements, this new feature is possible to anyone with a Facebook account.

With this new update, account users can go directly to Facebook’s desktop website and Live stream directly through webcam, other parties professional equipment and various software hooked up to a desktop. According to The Verge, gamers can finally broadcast their current gameplay from their PC with this new Facebook Live feature. Note that Facebook had previously allowed Pages to do live stream directly from their PC and only had restricted gameplay streaming partnerships with well-known game developers such as Blizzard.

This move by Facebook is kind of clear that the biggest social media platform is hoping to take live streaming videos more seriously by making it possible for account users to create higher-quality broadcast. In addition to this, Facebook now became one of the many outlets for gamers in order to attract a group of streaming audience. Facebook Live streaming options will be seen directly in Facebook’s News Feed as well as in user profiles, making it very easy to start a show as it is to post a status.

Desktop broadcasts, such as PC games, will appear in the News Feeds of your friends exactly the same like the mobile broadcasts. According to TechCrunch, Facebook Live might not be great and perfect yet, and there might some troubling broadcasts of violence or other negative things that Facebook promises to prevent. If Facebook can lock-down the content type now, it could enjoy years of broadcasts that give it exclusive content to attract users to the News Feed and space to run lucrative video ad breaks.


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