Twitter Releases Persicope Producer API To Take On Facebook Live

Periscope is an application that allows iOS and Android device users to do live video streaming. It as developed by Joe Bernstein and Kayvon Beykpour, then later acquired by Twitter before launch in the year 2015. Through this app, people can broadcast and explore their at-the-moment world through a live video. As of today, Periscope Producer is already running by media entities such as NewsHour, PBS and Bloomberg.

Twitter Keeps Updating For A better Service

According to Mashable, posts on Twitter was limited to 140 characters eleven years ago. Aside from that, blue checks for verified accounts, hashtags, retweets or likes are not ye introduced. However, over the last few years, the online news and social networking platform have transformed into a much bigger site which offers images, video and the timely feature, live video.

Twitter released on Tuesday the Periscope Producer API, which allows users to broadcast from an external hardware and then integrate software services eventually to the app. This big update means anyone who has a Twitter account can access and create high-quality video for Periscope. Twitter now offers the following:

  • Twitter Live - good quality live video streamed directly to Twitter,
  • Twitter Video - uploaded recorded video to Twitter site or app,
  • Periscope - take live video directly on the Twitter app or Periscope app, and
  • Periscope Producer - live video in HD streamed directly to the Periscope app which can also be shared to Twitter accounts

Twitter To Take On Facebook Live

As reported by Engadget, John Boiles, one of Twitter engineers, announced the official release of the Periscope Producer API. Along with the announcement, Boiles also mentioned that the new feature will allow external devices as well as third-party apps to launch live stream and publish them directly to Twitter. Users now have access to the content of Twitter's 310 million monthly active users. That's a much smaller audience compared to Facebook's nearly 2 billion monthly active users, but for some brands, that's good enough.

Twitter’s move to make it easier for media companies to broadcast live comes as Facebook has put a huge focus on live streaming, both from media companies and users. Instagram, which is owned by Facebook, also recently added the ability for users to broadcast live from directly within the app.


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