'Power Rangers' Brings Nostalgia With 90's VHS Trailer

Nothing is quite more nostalgic than watching a clip with poor video quality and blaring guitar solos. If you are excited to watch the upcoming 2017 remake of the Classic Power Rangers, then lace up your Reebok Kicks because the new film has just released a 90's-esque trailer that will surely make fans reminisce their childhood.

Another Nostalgic Film Coming This Week

According to the Hollywood Reporter, with last week's Beauty and the Beast live-action remake breaking numerous box-office records and a coming remake of every kid's all-time favorite multi-colored superheroes ready to hit theaters this Friday in Power Rangers, it would only make sense that every kid from the 90's would feel a tinge of nostalgia.

90's-themes Power Rangers 2017 Trailer

What would ultimately set the mood for a trip down memory lane is a taste of the snowy static of a VHS tape, which is why someone has just done something to the latest Power Rangers Trailer that would surely make people feel nostalgic just by the sight of it. YouTube channel 'Consider' has done just that after he altered the video quality of the trailer for the upcoming Power Rangers movie and turned its quality to an old-recorded VHS tape.

According to Cebu Daily News, the recut trailer begins much the same as the original's opening, with a kickass guitar riff and a threat from the dastardly villain, Rita Repulsa ( played by Elizabeth Banks) to conquer Earth. However, the music has been altering and is now using the original theme song from the 1993 television series, which is just a joy to the ears for most young PR fans.

It then it alternately swaps the new flashy CGI of the 2017 version to the much campier 90's special effects. Also, there is Bryan Cranston, who is always a welcome sight when it comes to Power Rangers 90's nostalgia.

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