Emma Watson Earns $170M Thanks To 'Beauty And The Beast' Box Office Success

Emma Watson's live-action portrayal as Belle from Disney's live adaptation of the 1991 hit animated movie "Beauty and the Beast" was a huge success at the box office, opening with an estimated $170 million in North American ticket sales along, as well as setting a new high mark for family movies.

'Beauty And The Beast' (2017) Is Breaking Records

According to CTV News, "Beauty and the Beast" blew past the previous record-holder for G- or PG-rated movie releases, according to the studio's estimates Sunday. Just last year, Disney's "Finding Dory" debuted with a then PG-best $135 million.

The 2017 "Beauty and the Beast" have broken many other records, too. It is currently the year's top opening movie so far and a new best for March movie releases, as well as also ranking seventh all-time, not accounting for inflation.

More Live-action Adaptations Coming Soon

The film, made for about $160 million, is so far the latest by Disney to re-create one of its animated classics of the 90's, which features live action and digital effects. The live adaptation of the 1991 Oscar-winning animated film follows previous live-action remakes such as "Alice in Wonderland," "Maleficent," "Cinderella" and last year's successful "The Jungle Book" movie.

According to Birmingham Mail, Many more are also on its way, too, which includes those for "Mulan," "Dumbo," "Aladdin," and the much-anticipated "The Lion King." Dave Hollis, head of distribution for Disney said that nostalgia is a very powerful driver for the current and upcoming films.

Why 'Beauty And The Beast' Was A Success

"What is exciting here is there is a chance to see these beloved classics in a way that's never been seen before, but you get to build that on the foundation of something that is very familiar to everyone," Hollis said. "But you don't get to $170 million just because of nostalgia, of course, you have to ultimately make these movies great."

"Beauty and the Beast" is now showing worldwide and is indeed a huge success. With that, Emma Watson, along with her co-stars, are definitely going to get some additions to their paychecks.

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