‘Dragon Ball Super' Update: Super Krillin Limit X Breaker

By Dez Bryant , Mar 24, 2017 04:50 AM EDT

Much has been said about the other fighters in the Tournament of Power. However, an emerging fighter from Universe 7 who was lost in the discussion is about to make a statement.

Krillin Will Break His Limits

Krillin has been left out of “Dragon Ball Super” for numerous occasions already. TOEI Animation did give Krillin a spotlight on a filler episode where Krillin faces his so-called “nightmares” but that wasn’t enough for the legions of fans of “Dragon Ball Super”. Thanks to the help of some contributors of the show, fans will finally see the new Krillin. As per spoilers, Goku isn’t the only character who can break his limits. Apparently, the small, family guy, Krillin can do it as well.

To understand and to push Krillin to its limits, Krillin has to train like Goku and Vegeta. With the help of Gohan, Krillin will have no choice but to exceed his limits or else, Gohan will destroy him. This is not the first time that Krillin was introduced for its potential. For those who have read or watch “Dragon Ball Resurrection F”, Krillin is called as “The Strongest Earthling Warrior”. This is not a coincidence when Goku and his wife Android 18 called him out.

The Strongest Earthling Warrior And His Destructo Disc

Fans are actually divided with Krillin’s reference as “The Strongest Earthling Warrior”. Currently, there are numerous debates in a Reddit thread about Krillin and to other’s surprise, Yamcha’s name is even there. “Dragon Ball Super’ Episode 84 will not only focus on Krillin. The sequel of the epic episode 83 will also show Vegeta’s side, Goku’s thirst for fighting and Beerus teaching Goku to be more cautious.

Krillin might be a laughable character right now due to his indecisiveness but one thing is for sure, with the help of his friends, fans might be able to witness the biggest destructo disc unleash by Krillin.

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