‘Dragon Ball Super' Update: The World Of The Void, Hit The Assassin's Power Disabled?

The exhibition match between the Leader of The Pride Trooper Toppo and Goku ended prematurely due to the interruption of the Grand Priest, Daishinkan. Right now, each universe needs to find 10 of their strongest warriors to represent them in the Tournament of Power.

The World Of The Void

While most of the universe are busy trying to find these special fighters, the strongest four are more concerned about the rules that were laid out by The Grand Priest. The stage where the fight will happen which is in The World Of The Void will somehow eliminate some of the abilities of the fighters, especially Hit The Assassin. It seems that the God Of Destruction for Universe 6, Champa, already knows that they are doomed but Vados seems to have a plan.

Hit The Assassin’s Nerf

The World of The Void is the stage where the 80 man battle royal will happen. What makes this stage very special is, it literally encompasses nothing. It is the world where time and space don't exist. With that said, Hit The Assassin’s time skipping ability is not possible in the World of The Void. Also, Hit is an assassin which means that his full capability as a fighter comes out when he is about to kill somebody. Unfortunately, that is also not allowed basing on the new rules by The Grand Priest, Daishinkan.

Universe 7’s Fate

Universe 7 will also need to make a major adjustment with regards to the Tournament of Power as flying is permanently banned. Goku might have discovered a new form which is capable of defeating other fighters from the multiverse but Goku cannot do it alone. Universe 7 should also be more cautious about the tournament as the multiverse just presented 25% of the fighters.

Lastly, when Jiren The Gray’s name was mentioned, it seems that the multiverse fear the strongest fighter in Universe 11. Right now, Goku must find the strongest 10 and if not, Universe 7 will be blown up by Omni-King.

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