‘The Flash’ Season 3 Spoilers: New Villain Abra Kadabra Appears; Can He Reveal Savitar’s Identity?

By Joseph St. James. , Mar 25, 2017 04:20 AM EDT

"The Flash" Season 3 spoilers for next week reveal that there will be a new villain that will make life difficult for Barry and Team Flash. Abra Kadabra, this new enemy, will be utilizing future tech and threaten Barry and this team. However, this villain may also provide a way for The Flash to uncover the true identity of Savitar.

This New Villain Time Travels And Uses Magic

This new villain, according to reliable "The Flash" Season 3 spoilers, will be played by actor David Dastmalchian. His previous acting credits are "The Dark Knight," "Ant-Man," and the TV series "Gotham." Dastmalchian's role in the upcoming episode will be that of a villain who time travels from the 64th century. He uses advanced technology which appears as magic to those who are uninformed.

He Can Reveal Who Savitar Is

Recent "The Flash" Season 3 spoilers indicate that there will be an altercation between Barry and Abra Kadabra. Barry will be able to capture him and put him in jail. In his bid to regain freedom, Abra Kadabra will tempt Barry with an enticing offer. If Barry will free him, he will reveal the true identity of Savitar. Will Barry take this villain's offer?

This Villain Is Motivated By Two Things

It appears that the latest "The Flash" Season 3 spoilers reveal the true intentions of Abra Kadabra. They say that he has two underlying motivations. One is to be a popular stage magician, and the other is to be idolized by the people. His most dangerous power is to turn people into his mindless puppets.

Another Time Traveller Will Appear

There are also some "The Flash" Season 3 spoilers suggesting that Abra Kadabra will not be the only new character introduced on the show. There will be another time-traveller that will appear soon. Rumors indicate that this will introduce a rebirth for the TV series. There are also speculations that there will soon be another crossover with the "Legends of Tomorrow." The next episode will air on Tuesday, March 28 at 8 p.m.

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