The Future Of 'Criminal Minds,' '2 Broke Girls' And 'The Amazing Race' After Non Being Renewed By CBS

CBS Network recently renewed 16 of its T.V. shows but it might have left off some of its veteran series including "Criminal Minds' and "The Amazing Race." The sitcom "2 Broke Girls" was also delisted, making its fandom worried about its future as it was already rumored that it will be canceled soon. Viewers though might want to wait until May as CBS has not yet given its final word about these shows plus other series.

Sixteen T.V. shows were announced for renewal by CBS on Wednesday. Unfortunately several of its popular and longtime running shows were not given green lights for their new seasons. The network not renewing "Criminal Minds" and "2 Broke Girls" might not be a shocker anymore as these two flicks were pounded by multiple cancellation rumors. However, the multi-award winning reality show, "The Amazing Race," was a much-unexpected non-inclusion.

"Criminal Minds" Might Be Canceled For Real

There is a long-standing rumor about the possible cancellation of the CBS hit crime flick, "Criminal Minds." Since its lead actor, Thomas Gibson got fired for an altercation in August 2016, the ratings of "Criminal Minds" started to drop. There was even a protest to boycott the show until the Gibson is re-cast by the production.

The series then shifted to the Spencer Reid Arc but the ratings still show that the BAU's brain is not enough to keep the show up in the rankings. Also, Matthew Gray Gubler who plays Spencer was rumored to exit the show and up until now, talks still have it that Gubler will stay with the show only until the current season ends. Following these and its non-inclusion on CBS renewed shows, fans are becoming convinced that the BAU might make its final bow on "Criminal Minds" season 12 finale.

However, this is not the first time that "Criminal Minds" has not been included in the early-renewal list of CBS. Last year, the American flick was not renewed right away due to contract issues. Apparently, the show was still renewed for season 12. Fans then are hoping that this is just another case of late renewal and not a sign of cancellation

"Two Broke Girls" Is Also About To Become Broke

The case is different with "2 Broke Girls." The sitcom has been rumored to get axed because of its reportedly not improving ratings but earlier this month, Cancel Bear predicted the show to run for another season.

Despite the drop in viewers' population, fans then got their hopes up with the renewal forecasts giving "2 Broke Girls" a high probability for getting renewed. Fans then were shocked to find out that CBS has not renewed the show for season 7.

CBS No Longer See "The Amazing Race" As An Amazing Show?

The biggest shock came with the news that "The Amazing Race" has not been renewed for season 30. The longtime running reality show is yet to air episodes for its season 29 on March 30 which was supposed to premiere last year. The show was however axed from CBS' Fall 2016 lineup and pushed it to a 2017 release. Many fans were then worried since "The Amazing Race" always aired two installments in a year.

There was a previous report claiming that the 30th installment of the show will also be delayed to give way to "Big Brother" and "MacGyver." Fans then are considering this previous update on why "The Amazing Race" has not yet been renewed and hope to get another set of announcements soon.

CBS has not released details about its Spring lineup, but fans of the mentioned shows hope to receive a positive update before May.

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