Will 'Criminal Minds' Get A Renewal Soon Despite Low Ratings? Thomas Gibson's Return Might Save The Show

"Criminal Minds" season 12 continues to feature its finest character left, but the viewer ratings still reflect how Spencer Reid might not be enough to keep the series up on the charts. There are speculations that Thomas Gibson might be back on "Criminal Minds" to help the show regain its viewers. Despite the buzz about low ratings of the series, though, "Criminal Minds" is still expected to get another renewal which might be announced before the second half of 2017.

There has been a longstanding rumor that Matthew Gray Gubler will soon leave "Criminal Minds", and the series doing an arc revolving around his character is its way to properly dismiss Spencer Reid. Both the actor and the network have not yet confirmed the issues, but they also did not deny the rumors. Fans cannot help but worry about how the show will run despite the possible the possible exit of another fan-favorite character after season 12. Some fans say there are no more reasons left to continue watching the show once "Criminal Minds" also loses Spencer Reid.

Ratings continue to drop for "Criminal Minds" season 12. From its usual 8-10 million viewers, now down to 6 million - as recorded from the latest episode - many would speculate that the absence of Thomas Gibson, who used to be the face of "Criminal Minds, is the biggest reason for fans to lose interest on the show.

It can be recalled that Gibson has been fired while season 12 is airing. Since then, countless boycott reports from fans surfaced. The numbers can testify on how serious the viewers are regarding their statement. Hence, there is a suggestion to bring back Gibson to help the show win back its viewers.

"Criminal Minds" used to have an enormous fan base with a series high exceeding 26 million viewers on its season 2, "The Big Game" episode. It cannot be denied that Thomas Gibson has been the biggest contributor to the show's success. Since then, ratings dropped to less than 13 million viewers, until it reached its series low on season 12, "Alpha Male" episode. There is a prediction that the show will suffer from even lower ratings as the Spencer Reid arc is, reportedly, taking so long to be resolved.

However, despite the bothering numbers that "Criminal Minds" is currently making, Cancel Bear still forecasts the show to be renewed before May. Fans then are suggesting to keep Matthew Gray Gubler and bring back Thomas Gibson to help the crime drama in television. The network remains tight-lipped about the suggestions.

Meanwhile, showrunner Erica Messer promises thicker revelations in the upcoming episodes of "Criminal Minds". Spencer Reid remains behind the bars while waiting for his case to be resolved. Messer said that there is a deeper context to be revealed about the Mexico murder, hence, fans might want to see how the PHD will prove his innocence.

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