New Details About Pokemon GO Trading System Surface

One of the features Pokémon GO players have been looking forward to is the Trading System. As the name speaks for itself, this will allow players to trader either Pokémon or items in the game. Niantic has already confirmed its upcoming existence, but has remained mum about it. As a result, fans resort to speculations after speculations. Interestingly, the company's very own CEO John Hanke has revealed more details about this highly anticipated feature.

According to Otakukart, Hanke gave out some interesting details about the trading system in Pokémon GO feature. This took place during the studio's presentation of this year's Mobile World Congress. He explained that this system, contrary to what most people believe, "won't be through the Internet." Here, he is basically referring to its core mechanic.

It is worth noting that most Pokémon GO players think the Trading System will work similarly to how other games do it. That as long as you have connection, you can trade stuff regardless of a player's geographical location. Apparently, this will not be the case of this feature.

Hanke iterated that they are taking a different direction for the upcoming system. For players to do trade, the person they want to do it with should be within the same proximity. This means that trading items with someone who is a 100 or more miles away is going to be impossible.

With what the CEO of Niantic said, it is safe to say that trading will not be a worldwide activity in Pokémon GO. To initiate a trade, two players must be close to each other. So, in a sense, it kind of works like a real-life trade. Of course, this has its own pros and cons; however, players won't entirely grasp its entirety unless the studio releases it.

In related Pokémon GO news, Express reports that a new update has allowed players to utilize incense in order to obtain shiny creatures. Whether or not this is a working strategy, it holds true that Niantic has added the all-new Magikarp Hat to the in-game wardrobe. This is in celebration of the current Water Festival event.

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