Niantic Revamps Eevee's Entire Evolution In Pokemon GO

If there's one creature that has become among the faces of Pokémon GO, it's no other than Eevee. This one here is popular thanks to its multiple evolutions, something that has become a staple within the game. However, the developers at Niantic are looking to give it a major revamp. Well, in fact, the changes have been introduced -- albeit gradual -- already.

The stats of the aforementioned Pokémon have changed over the course of weeks, as noted by SlashGear. Take note, these cover all of the creature's evolutions, contrary to popular belief. Nonetheless, for the ones that have already been evolved in the past, they remain exactly the same.

For instance, Espeon's stats in Pokémon GO now (as of this month) include a base stamina of 130 and base attack of 261. Its base defense, on the other hand, is at 194. As for the pocket monster's quick moves, these include Confusion and Zen Headbutt. It now tends to acquire a Max CP (2572) once players reach level 30.

As for its naming trick, the studio has also given it a slight change in Pokémon GO. Unlike in the past, the trick now only takes effect once for each of the beast's five names. For instance, Sparky and Rainer are synonymous to Jolteon and Vaporeon, respectively. Pyro is to Flareon while Sakura is to Espeon. For Umbreon's, the magic name is Tamao.

Apparently, there are steps that players can follow to ensure that the said trick works accordingly. First is that they must acquire Eevee and all of its 25 Eevee Pokémon candy. From there, players can move forward to naming using the ones mentioned above. There must be no spaces before and/or after the name with the first letter being capitalized. If it is worth evolving, then simply hit the evolve button.

In related news, Pokémon GO developer Niantic has revealed the very reason why the Trading System has yet to arrive to the game. GameRant reports that the studio is just simply taking a "sweet time," though everything is being worked on. The company guaranteed the game's fanbase that this feature will soon be introduced.

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