Derrick Rose Says Winning Is His Priority Over Money In Free Agency

Derrick Rose was a serious contender for the NBA Championship before. However, a string of injuries plagued the superstar and almost ended his career. Now, Derrick Rose is focusing more on what's important in the NBA; winning.

Derrick Rose And The New York Knicks

According to ESPN, Derrick Rose has been steadily producing for the New York Knicks. With an average of 17.8 points per game, 4.4 assists and 3.8 rebounds in 62 games. And although this is good for a veteran, this performance is nothing compared to Rose's MVP winning season with the Chicago Bulls.

This idea of winning would then fuel Rose as he heads on towards Free Agency. And if he continues on this notion, he might end up signing with another team instead. During the stretch of this season, Rose has been vocal about being uncomfortable with the Knicks' Triangle offense, but the coaching staff is committed to running the play going forward, with Coach Jeff Hornacek saying that personnel decision will be made with an offense in mind.

Although Rose has been vocal about his frustrations, the management of the Knicks isn't ruling out signing Rose again. Currently, the management is still planning on pursuing Rose along with other point guards in free agency.

Derrick Rose On His Free Agency

With the Free Agency coming soon, the superstar comments on what his plan is for the future. He would go on to say that part of Free Agency is to see other teams and to know which one is interested, then give them a chance and go from there.

When asked about his plans on Free Agency, Bleacher Report notes Rose saying that he isn't even thinking about money and that above it, he wants to win. He wants to be happy and at peace with himself wherever he's at. However, being at the negotiating table, people couldn't predict what would happen. So Rose goes on to clarify that he's not going to negotiate with teams and say that money is his top priority because winning is.

Furthermore, he says that this is his first time to go through Free Agency and that he doesn't know the process. After this season, Rose intends to talk with his agent, brothers, and family to plan ahead. He goes on to say that he wants to be in New York, just being in the environment and at the Madison Square Garden every other night is a blessing. However, with the situation with the Knicks, he goes on to say that he really needs to talk it over with his agent and brothers.

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