Carmelo Anthony Hints His Departure From The Knicks, To Move To LA?

Player trading is an essential part of the NBA. Since the start, teams were always on the lookout for talents that would eventually fill up the role that the franchise desperately needs. These trades, however, are sometimes made because the player is struggling with their current franchise.

Carmelo Anthony And The New York Knicks

In an article by the New York Post, it was detailed that Carmelo Anthony was asked a couple of questions after his practice at the Staples Center which surrounds his struggles and future with the franchise. After what seems to be his fourth straight losing season with the New York Knicks, the superstar reflects on what prospects he has with the franchise and beyond.

A part of the interview saw the superstar being asked about this year's Knicks not getting to the playoffs. Anthony goes on to say that, he's come to grips with the fact and that he had the time to think about it over the weeks as he's trying to utilize his time to clear his mind and to be at peace with it.

Carmelo Anthony Hints On Leaving The New York Knicks

On the other hand, Anthony was also asked a different set of questions. Starting with, if he dreamt of making LA his office. Anthony responds to this by saying to the reporter to don't start with him and that he hasn't thought about moving to the Clippers. He goes on to say that for the past couple of seasons, there were talks of trades, first with the Lakers and now with the Clippers. Anthony says that he tries not to think about it as he's still playing with the Knicks and that they are still preparing to go up against these teams. However, the bottom line is that the superstar didn't go on to reject the idea.

Furthermore, Anthony says something peculiar. He says that sometimes players need to get in a new environment and feel a different type of vibe and energy. Although the superstar was referring to his team, he could also be referring to his career.

Real GM, dives further into the interview of Carmelo Anthony. When asked if he thinks that he would be successful in LA, Anthony says that he thinks about it a lot and tries to put everything in perspective. He thinks about it all, the area where he's at, the post-season and his teammates. He thinks about it a lot and tries to put it in perspective and hear other people's opinion on the matter. However, in the end, he goes on to say that it's all on him.

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