‘Yuri!!! On Ice' Season 2 Spoilers: Release Date, Plots And Details Revealed

By Dez Bryant , Mar 27, 2017 05:50 AM EDT

Apparently, one of the most anticipated anime series of all time has been providing hints to its fans. “Yuri!!! On Ice” took the anime world by storm and right now fans are excited when most of them heard the news.

A few hours ago, it was reported in numerous fan page that “Yuri!!! On Ice” season 2 is going to happen. “Yuri!!! On Ice” held a surprise fans days and it was visible that those fans were stunned. There were multiple cosplayers who attended the said event and at the same time, various questions were asked towards the organizers.

Release Date

This will not be the first time that this was asked by the fans. Currently, the creator of the show, Mitsuro Kubo is still tight-lipped about its release date. However, a member of the creative team stated that season 2 of “Yuri!!! On Ice” is almost here. As noted before, Mitsuro Kubo stated in an interview that “Yuri!!! On Ice” is currently on production. If the hints that were provided is actually true, “Yuri!!! On Ice” season 2 will be released in October this year.


The last episode of the show made a resounding feedback but it also left some fans hanging. Yuri lost the competition fair and square. The storyline of Yuri losing will continue as expected with some dimensions added. Also, the relationship between Victor and Yuri will be exploited. Although it is still controversial to others, “Yuri!!! On Ice” seems to be widely accepted already. The “kiss” episode is still on top of the list when it comes to viewership on YouTube.

Also, last January, legions of fans of “Yuri!!! On Ice” made a petition against “Love On Ice”. The fans were able to notice that the storyline between the two shows is similar. However, Mitsuro Kubo stated that the similarities are just coincidence.

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