‘Dragon Ball Super' Updates: The Four Strongest Universe That Are Not In The Tournament

By Dez Bryant , Mar 25, 2017 05:00 AM EDT

The multiverse is already gearing up from the battle royal in the Tournament of Power. However, these four Universes who are considered as the strongest are in the driver seat as they are exempted in being eliminated.

When the tournament started, the multiverse and their respective Gods Of Destruction thought that the tournament will be one-on-one battle. Little do they know, The Grand Priest, Daishinkan and Omni-King has a greater plan. Not only The Grand Priest laid out new rules on the Tournament Of Power, Daishinkan also changed the stipulation. Goku and Universe 7 might be victorious in their initial battle with Universe 9 but it is crystal clear that Universe 7 needs to train a lot harder.

The Strongest Universe In ‘Dragon Ball Super’ Tournament Of Power

Universe 11 is the biggest threat in the Tournament of Power as shown in the previous episodes. Their fighters are extremely popular and well versed in fighting. Also, Toppo is not even the strongest in their team which blew the minds of the fans considering that Toppo is a candidate of being the next God Of Destruction. Amidst this seeming indestructible persona of Universe 11, there are four more Universe who is actually greater than them.

Universe 1, 5, 8 and 12 or also known as big four are on the top of the food chain. With the quality of living and their ranking, these 4 Universe are close to being perfect. Multiple sources and renowned contributors for “Dragon Ball Super” has their own opinion on what makes these four Universe great. The common denominator was that their Gods Of Destruction does their jobs exceptionally well. This assumption coincides with what The Grand Priest, Daishinkan have stated while Universe 7 and Universe 9 were fighting.

Goku and his team must stick together for Universe 7 to survive. They might not have the greatest fighters in the whole multiverse but with their chemistry and teamwork, Universe 7 has a big chance to defeat the 8 other Universe.

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