Kobe Bryant Talks About 'Musecage', LeBron James, Cavaliers And Warriors

The Black Mamba, Kobe Bryant is already retired from the NBA. However, the former MVP and surefire first ballot Hall Of Famer has his eyes still glued to the game. Bryant had some interesting comments with regards to multiple teams and provided some preview on his “Musecage”.

Kobe Bryant’s New Show

Kobe Bryant has accomplished a lot in his storied NBA career. The Black Mamba is often described as a fierce competitor and a savage killer. During Bryant’s recent interview on ESPN First Take, The Black Mamba didn’t back down to some of the hottest questions revolving the league. As always, Stephen A. Smith, Max Kellerman, and Molly Qerim tried to surprise their guests, but they weren’t that successful against Kobe Bryant.

The first question was all about his new project called “Canvas City: Musecage”. Bryant stated that it was his plan to create something that the whole family can enjoy. The Black Mamba also added that the “Musecage” is about his experiences on the court. “Canvas City: Musecage” will also teach the young kids and players who want to learn about The Black Mamba’s “secret”. Kobe’s new project can be seen on the official website of ESPN.

Players Resting And Super Teams

Max Kellerman then changed the subject with players “resting”. Bryant shared his thoughts on the controversial topic and he made a great point about it. Technically, Bryant is not amused with players resting(LeBron James) but understands what the players are going through. Kobe mentioned that he learned the art of conserving energy from Michael Jordan. Players can still play the game without maximum effort while maintaining their effectiveness.

Lastly, Kobe was asked about super teams and the problem with other teams. The Black Mamba was and will never be a fan of a super team but stressed out that it is not the players fault why super teams are created. He also chimed in about the current situation of the Cleveland Cavaliers and why the Golden State Warriors are successful with small ball.

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