'Criminal Minds' Still Likely To Get Green Light Despite Non Inclusion In Early Renewals; CBS Already Negotiating For The Series' Future

By Donna Marie Lapena Padua , Mar 29, 2017 04:10 AM EDT

Many fans were not thrilled when CBS renewed several of its shows but has not included "Criminal Minds" among them. Lovers of the crime flick though may want to relax now that the T.V. network is reportedly in negotiation with ABC Studios to pick up the drama for season 13.

Numerous theories are surfacing about why "Criminal Minds" is not yet renewed by CBS. The network recently announced a total of 18 shows for its Spring lineup, but the Matthew Gray Gubler-starred show was unfortunately not among them. Fans then were quick to assume that the series is already being axed by CBS as it was rumored to go off the air since Thomas Gibson was fired from the show.

Reports about the possible cancellation of "Criminal Minds" had a million fans of the show worrying most especially when some viewers reportedly boycotted the show for the termination of Thomas Gibson. After his departure, Matthew Gray Gubler who now serves as the biggest star of the show was also rumored to quit from doing his role as soon as season 12 ends. Ratings of the show then started to drop where it even hit its lowest viewership in a previous episode.

However, it was clarified lately the reason behind "Criminal Minds'" non-renewal and it seems like the show is still safe despite the slumping ratings and the possible flee of another lead star. CBS is reportedly going on the process of making a deal with the ABC Studios which owns the series. Both parties are then to follow a different protocol to decide on the future of "Criminal Minds."

Also, a lot of fans chose to remain optimistic amid the recent renewal by CBS as they pointed out that this is not the first time that "Criminal Minds" was not renewed early. Cancel Bear is also predicting that the show has a very high chance of getting renewed in the coming weeks. There are even talks that the show will ask Thomas Gibson to return to lock in the thirteenth season of the series. Fans will have to wait though until May to find out the final verdict of CBS and ABC Studios on the mega-hit drama, "Criminal Minds."

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