iPad Finally Gets A Massive Upgrade Of Google Calendar App

By Donna Bellevue , Mar 30, 2017 05:34 AM EDT

Google is finally rolling out a new version of Google Calendar optimized for the iPad tablet. This is good news for iPad owners who depend on the app to keep their world straight. The newest version offers users the full features which finally makes it a proper calendar app.

Users of iPad before had to work only with limited features unlike the full version on iPhone. In addition, the scheduling app on iPad previously just looked like a garish, blown-up phone version. Now, users can enjoy the full version with even a similar appearance of the iPhone version.

In other words, Google took the simple, straightforward Calendar app from iPad and gave it a total makeover to look almost exactly like the one in iPhone. In addition to the remake, the tech giant is also promising users more updates to come for the Calendar iOS. According to the CNET, this includes a much-needed “Today” widget that will show upcoming events on the lock screen or in the notification bar.

The latest calendar app version will continue to give users the power to keep track of their upcoming client dinners, or their kid's Little League games. Aside from that, the app's machine learning will also help them schedule meetings by suggesting meeting times and locations based on your co-workers' availability. Finally, the app can also help them set various goals and schedule time into their Calendar app to assist them to achieve the set goals.

According to The Verge, the latest version of Google's Calendar app for iPad users is available for download today in Apple's App Store. With unlimited use of the full version, users can now properly use features like room scheduler and goal setting to assist them in organizing day-to-day activities. The upcoming updates also promise to give them an iPad experience which could be even better than the ones they can get from their iPhones.

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