WWE Update: Seth Rollins Is Still Injured, NXT Star Added To A Wrestlemania Match

By Dez Bryant , Mar 31, 2017 05:14 AM EDT

The Game Triple H made a statement that when it comes to wrestling, he is indeed The King of Kings. Seth Rollins who is badly seeking for revenge not only tasted the wrath of Triple H but he might be facing his last opponent in WWE.

The Architect Of His Own Destruction

Seth Rollins injury is fully documented. Regardless of what Seth Rollins say to the WWE Universe, the reports from the doctors are important. According to the lead physician for WWE, The Architect is still not 100% and should not be involved in any physical contacts. The problem is, Rollins knows that the window of opportunity in beating up Triple H is slowly closing. This is the very reason why their match at Wrestlemania 33 is an unsanctioned match.

On the other hand, Triple H knows that Seth Rollins is still resting. They don’t call Triple H The Cerebral Assassin for nothing. During the last episode of Monday Night Raw, Triple H demonstrated on how quickly he can hurt Seth Rollins. Triple H might not have dominated Rollins but it is crystal clear that Rollins needs plan B. Their rivalry started a few years ago when Triple H double crossed Seth Rollins. This is not the first time that Triple H did it to his allies or friends.

Tian Bing Debuts At Wrestlemania 33

The Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal is also making some buzz for the past week. There are numerous names that were already announced and a surprising NXT star on the rise has been added on the list. The very first WWE Chinese Superstar, Tian Bing was invited to the prestigious match. Tian Bing is not only big in stature but is also huge in mainland China. If Bing will win the Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal, it will be a big addition to his career and maybe, Tian Bing will be called up in RAW or Smackdown.

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