WWE Interested In Buying Ring Of Honor

By Dez Bryant , Mar 24, 2017 05:10 AM EDT

Wrestlemania 33 is just 7 days away, but WWE just dropped another bombshell. Apparently, WWE is highly interested in another wrestling promotion. ROH is arguably the King of the Indie scene and it is no secret why WWE wants to acquire them.


Remember way back 2000 when WWE bought World Championship Wrestling? There’s a possibility that it will happen again this year. Currently, the two wrestling promotions are in serious talks about doing business together. Although WWE is considered as the biggest wrestling promotion ever, WWE knows the importance of having some big names from the Indie scene. WWE Universe might not be familiar with this but Indie scene has one of the most loyal and ruckus crowd in the history of wrestling.

WWE Universe might claim that some of the current WWE superstars are all homegrown. However, fans should take note that most of the big names right now in WWE started in the Indies specifically in Ring Of Honor. AJ Styles who made an immediate impact since his debut also had a successful stint in Ring Of Honor. The Phenomenal One is true to his words when Styles mentioned that he is a champion regardless of the promotion.

ROH Alumni And Present WWE Stars

How about Samoa Joe, Daniel Bryan or Kevin Owens? These are just few ROH Alumni who are now making some great impact in WWE. Perhaps Vince McMahon was able to find something with ROH. According to initial reports, WWE(Vince McMahon) is astonishing with ROH’s media library. For the past years, ROH was able to produce 5-star matches which include present WWE talents. It seems that WWE wants to have them so that they can include it on WWE Network. Multiple approaches were tried by the media but unfortunately, they weren’t successful in getting any from WWE.

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