'Tokyo Ghoul' Season 3 Spoilers & Release Date: Ken Kaneki Not Returning; Viz Media Remains Uncertain About Anime's Release

By Donna Marie Lapena Padua , Mar 31, 2017 06:05 AM EDT

While millions of fans already bore in their minds that they are about to see "Tokyo Ghoul" season 3 this year, the entertainment company behind it and "One Punch Man" denied reports that the installment is already on production stage. Viz Media clarified that there are no activities yet going down for the said anime but a new season will come out soon.

It was previously rumored that "Tokyo Ghoul" season 3 will premiere in July. Apparently, the update was a case of misunderstanding as "One Punch Man" season 2 is currently the priority of Viz Media. Fans should not worry though as the anime is still clearly a "thing" although its network cannot yet assure the exact release of "Tokyo Ghoul."

With the lack of information about the hit Japanese cartoon, fans resort to making theories on what can be expected from the new installment of "Tokyo Ghoul." A group of fans shared that the forthcoming season 3 will feature a female character rather than Ken Kaneki. Touka Kirishima is said to take the place of the fallen hero. The installment is rumored to see Touka as she enters college and will follow her hardships as she goes through that chapter of her life.

A second theory came out claiming that Haise Sasaki will serve as the show's new lead character. It suggested that he will be recruited and become a member of the Quinx Squad which is a group of CCG investigators offering their professional services to the public. A more interesting point of the theory says Haise is a reincarnation of Ken Kaneki as they have a lot of similar features.

A final theory though claims that Ken Kaneki is not yet dead. It is said that Ken is still alive and was taken by Arima to the Commission of Counter Ghoul where he was given a new identity as Haise Sasaki. A point believed by fans that link the two together is Haise's incapability to recollect everything from his past.

There are no clear indications yet of what might go down in "Tokyo Ghoul" season 3 or when will it return on small screens. Fans may have to wait for announcements though as Viz Media has not yet retracted its renewal of the hit anime.

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