Pokémon GO: Will Future Shiny Variants Come In Batches?

By Kim Chan , Mar 31, 2017 07:13 AM EDT

One of the most sought-after features in Pokémon GO is the highly anticipated Gen 2 shiny feature. With the introduction of shiny Magikarp and Gyarados, it is only just a matter of time before Niantic will start introducing new shiny variants of the beloved Pokémon. However, many speculate that while the company is preparing for the next huge update, the shiny Pokémon may come in batches rather than one big package. Here's why.

Pokémon GO : Shiny Feature

A recent data mine for version 0.59.2 confirmed that shiny Magikarp and Gyarados are going to be permanently added into the game - removing the rumors that the shiny variants are linked to the Water Festival event. The data also shows that aside from the Water Festival, Niantic will also introduce regular global events, which can hopefully increase in-game activities from trainers worldwide. The data mine was confirmed following Niantic's twitter announcement wherein both shiny Magikarp and Gyarados can still be found in the wild; albeit the recent conclusion of the Water Festival.

Will Shiny Variants Come In Batches?

Now that it is more likely confirmed that the next big thing that will come for Pokémon GO players is the shiny feature, many are left wondering whether or not, they will come in batches. In a thread on Reddit, many players speculate that Niantic will not release the shiny variant of all Pokémon at once. This is because of the amount of content that will be added for the next major update.

Pokémon Trading

As previously reported, John Hanke has confirmed that trading is indeed, coming to Pokémon GO. However, Niantic would not introduce the global trading system. This was revealed following the CEO's announcement that trading will only be available between two players in close proximity. Now how will trading affect the implementation of the shiny feature? Simple, the system itself is a huge content, which will be introduced to the game. Niantic has virtually limited time to prepare in-between quarters - which they promise to entail one major update.

Furthermore, the shiny feature is also a huge content on its own and there is almost no reason for Niantic to rush with the shiny system. Since the anticipated feature will go hand-in-hand with the trading feature; the former being the driving motivation for trading, it's quite reasonable for the company to take things slowly and encourage long-term and steady activity within the community.

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