Freak Accident Caused Man To Be Electrocuted By An iPhone

By Justin Lee , Apr 03, 2017 07:10 AM EDT

The man in question is Wiley Day. He fell asleep on March 22 with his iPhone not far away from him. Like what most people have grown accustomed to, he also charged his phone beside him for an overnight power-up. The 32-year-old from Huntsville, Alabama also used an extension cord to make the charging more convenient for him.

Nevertheless, the smartphone accident started when Day woke up and did a rollover. As he did so, the dog tag necklace he was wearing got caught between the charger's metal prongs and the extension cord. This led to the electrocution that knocked Day to the ground. He shares that his vision faded and he started seeing in black and white. Luckily, though, he was able to strengthen up and removed the dog tag from his body.

Although luck was clearly on Day's side for surviving the smartphone accident, he has to endure some extensive damage. As per Phone Arena, the victim's skin and flesh were stripped off from his neck. The pattern of the necklace is also shown on his hands. Medically speaking, Day suffered from second and third-degree burns and was confined to a hospital for three days.

As per WAAY News, doctors claim that 100 volts can already kill a person. With Day being hit with around 110 volts, he is practically lucky to have survived. Needless to say, he claims that he will now break the habit with a charging his phone beside him. Day likewise advised everyone to charge their phones away from them. He also said that it is better to charge your devices the next day as it is not worth your life.

Medical experts expect Day to soon recover from the aftermaths of the incident. In fact, he is expected to speak at the Alabama A&M University this Wednesday at 5 pm.

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