Injustice 2 New Trailer Highlights Catwoman In Action; Future Plans And More

It has been an excellent time for NetherRealm Studios' upcoming superhero fighting game Injustice 2 as the game already hosted countless of character reveals. Now, it appears that the company is still not done releasing further details about who's coming to the game. The current Injustice 2 trailer highlights Catwoman and her fierce combat ability.

According to Game Rant, Catwoman was already confirmed to arrive at the game previously via gameplay trailer. However, it seems like NetherRealm Studios decided to make another video giving her the spotlight she deserves. As expected by the fans of Selina Kyle or also known as Catwoman, she is very well dependable in the game by relying on agility, swiftness and quick combos.

The trailer shows Catwoman going head-to-head with various DC characters in the game such as Batman, Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy. Catwoman also uses her whip for handy ranged attacks, grabbing them by their ankles, jumping on her motorcycle and drag enemies for a short time. She then drops her bike on top of them for an explosive finish.

Meanwhile, it appears that Catwoman is not the only feline-friendly character that is arriving at Injustice 2. NetherRealm Studios recently revealed Dr. Barbara Minerva or also known as Cheetah. She also relies much on speed and agility as her advantage similar to Catwoman. However, in contrast to Selina Kyle's abilities, Cheetah relies on supernatural strength.

Overall, it is possible that NetherRealm Studios plans to end its character reveals for Injustice 2 very soon since the game will officially arrive in less than two months from today. However, as what Ed Boon hinted in the past, the company plans on integrating tons of vague heroes and villains from the DC universe. As a result, there might be few more character reveals to happen before Injustice 2 officially arrives in May.


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