Popular Ultrasonic Mosquito Apps Have Surpisingly Sinister Effects

By Donna Bellevue , Apr 05, 2017 04:17 AM EDT

The rising danger of mosquito-borne diseases has spawned ultrasonic mosquito apps and other popular hi-tech insect repellants. Consumers are inevitably enticed by its unique technology and trendy features. However, new research from leading international experts have slammed smartphone apps and other mosquito gizmos as misleading, and potentially hiding sinister health effects.

Examples of big tech companies that manufacture these dangerous devices are Korean electronics giant LG, and Apple which has more than 50 apps that claim to repel mosquitoes with sonic waves. LG's “Mosquito Away“ uses the television and air conditioner to emit the sonic noises, while Apple uses smartphones to zap the mosquitoes. Queensland and NSW health authorities have currently made statements that these apps and gadgets are making claims with no credible scientific evidence.

Popular ultrasonic mosquito apps have been labeled by NSW Health Pathology lead mosquito researcher Dr. Cameron Webb as grossly misleading and "unethical" since there has been no evidence of their repellent effects. Dr. Webb explained that these sound-emitting devices have already been on the market even long before smartphones became common. She stressed that in one study, then even found that these devices can attract more mosquito bites.

What's more alarming is the fact that these sonic devices make people more vulnerable to mosquito diseases. According to, this is based on the fact that these zappers have become popular, yet they lack the essential mosquito-repelling effect. In short, they could actually cause the rise of mosquito-borne cases.

The news about the sinister health effects of these ultrasonic mosquito apps and devices come in the wake of LG's international debut of its mosquito-repellent TV in Bangladesh. According to Dhaka Tribune, the LG Mosquito Away TV is equipped with an ultrasonic device which uses sound wave technology to repel mosquitoes without emitting harmful radiation. However, a disclaimer on the LG products says that different mosquito species may not be repelled, and the technology may not be enough to protect consumers from mosquito bites.

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